FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1).What is Examprep?

Examprep is an 8-4-4 primary school online exam preparation platform that provides primary schools pupils from class 4 to class 8 with unlimited online exams based on 8-4-4 primary syllabus.

2).Why should I practice on Online Examprep?

Examprep provides a platform which can be used to gauge students performance and helps the student improve in their speed, accuracy & overall efficiency in tackling 8-4-4 primary exams. Not just that, Examprep identifies your weak areas which the student can concentrate on to improve his /her performance.

3).Does the exams cover the entire syllabus?

Absolutely yes. The exams covers the entire syllabus for 8-4-4 primary from class 4 to class 8.

4).How do I access Examprep?

Once the parent / guardian registers his / her child, the child can access one or two free Online Examprep exams. Beyond that, a purchase is required to access the other exams at a very affordable charge.

5).How do I pay for the online exams?

You pay using LIPA NA MPESA.

6).When will the exam get activated?

If you make an MPESA payment, you get access to the online exam immediately.

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